Sunday, October 01, 2006

M Cafe: I Can Actually Eat This Everyday

I don't know why i tend to love, love, love health food! I seriously prefer the taste of veggies to meat, fruit sweetener to sugar and whole grain instead of enriched, well at least most of the time. With Real Food Daily and Oreans Health Express already being one of my favorites already, I couldn't wait to finally try M Cafe out.

At first i was kind of unsure if this was the right place, the place looked just like any other traditional deli. But then i saw the people eating the food. They were the kind of beautiful, perfect people you only see in L.A. And for the first time, there were other lanky, scraggy guys just like me. I even swear i saw the spitting image of me in the future. I knew i was in the right place.

There were so many options. But as soon as saw "The Big Macro", i knew what i was getting. I love veggie burgers and had to try their brown rice-y version with a side of Grilled Vegetables. But since i'm trying to incorporate more liquids in my diet, i ordered the Lotus Root And Sweet Corn Chowder extra. I got my dad some Macro Salmon, Spicy Tuna and Veggie Rolls(made with brown rice) and my little sister even ordered some Grilled Salmon cus she said it looked pretty.

I normally don't order anything extra but i'm so glad i did. The Chowder was creamy, sweet and crunchy all at once. Anyone thats familiar with Mexican Atole or Champurrado will find this to their liking. The Corn was still crisp and the Lotus Root was almost like biting into little chunks of apple. Definetely mesmerizing.

The Big Macro was admirable also. Very beautifully cut in the middle to showcase all of its nutritous filling and the airy, fluffy, fresh baked Whole Wheat Bun. The burger itself is pretty much impossible to eat without it totally falling apart, but that just gave me more remnants to eat after i was done with it. The patty tasted like some sort of Brown Rice Tahdig and the soy cheese actually tasted cheesy. I even ate the pickles.

My dad's rolls were ok, but still had that pre-made taste. My sister's Grilled Salmon was just grilled Salmon. Maybe i would of liked it better if it was hot. I wasn't about to throw it away though, so i ended up eating more than half of it. At the end of the meal, my dad actually wanted a dessert too! So even after all that, we ended getting a $6.00 tiny slice of "cheesecake". Since i'm still in my "fear of growing any taller than i already am" phase, i don't really eat that much Dairy. So i was really looking forward to this. But unfortunately, this was very, very disappointing. Guilty Vegan desserts just don't have that decadent richness that the real thing has. All the mock desserts that i've tasted everywhere taste like some sort of sweetened chunk of condensed soy. The only thing i found that has been truly good are the brownies and shakes at Orean's, But that's one little tiny set back and isnt going to stop me from loving this place. I mean in what other situation can you buy a Chocolate Chip Cookie and eat it the next day for breakfast and not feel guilty?

I never thought it was possible but...i can eat this everyday.

7119 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA. 90046
T: 323.525.0588
F: 323.525.0310

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