Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bliss in a Bowl: Chaus Kitchen

As unnapealing as it might sound, Rice Porridge is actually something very pleasant and desirable, especially when there is a couple of slices of fresh Chilean Sea Bass submerged inside. It might be the complete opposite of it's more popular northern cousin known as Pho .

A big clay pot filled to the rim with a broth almost as clear and light as water. A subtle taste hinting of seafood notes with no greasy residue or excessive "fishyness" (MSG). Redolent with a nice, ambrosial aroma. A generous amount of rice with tiny slivers of green onion and the main attraction, a couple of slices of slices of sweet, fragile Chilean Sea Bass served only with a little nub of Fresh Ginger that you grate yourself. Blissfulness in a bowl.

Could there be any more comforting soup as light as this?

I don't think so, especially in this excruciating "Frost of 07" that i've been painfully enduring.

Chaus Kitchen
107 E. Valley Blvd.
San Gabriel

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Tableau Vivante said...

Hey mijo -

Email me the exact locale of the East LA market? I was going to try to go either today or next week. tvivante at yahoo dot com.

Also? Best review ever. :)