Sunday, April 15, 2007

How food Saved (or Ruined?) My Life: Finding my Happy Spot at Mani's

Calories...there i said it.

Something we're all too familiar with. The unfathomable part of food. A foodies natural born enemy, superfluous to many (including me), but sadly...crucial in the long run. No matter how hard we try to ignore them, their there, pillaging your conscience like...well, me on Chocolate cake-Vegan German Chocolate Cake to be exact.

A recent study showed that...According to....A more recent study done by researchers found out that food is _________. Lately, food has been more of a stress to me than a passion. Sometimes it drives me insane thinking about the food i eat, what, where, and how much? Trying to balance everything in order to feel good and thinking twice about doing this as a career. So naturally, i've fostered a fancy for "guilt-free" food: natural, macrobiotic, and even vegan food. I still ain't one of them though!
It's just a little salvation from my damnation.

I know i'm not the only one like this, so when you need a little relief, just a little comfort or just feel like eating al moist, creamy tri-layered German Chocolate Cake chock-full of pecans and gooey caramel...go it. Not into coconut (don't know how that's possible) you say? How about a slice of Strawberry Shortcake? A Blueberry Turnover Perhaps? Whatever your gratification is, Mani's lets you indulge, without driving yourself crazy thinking about it. They sweeten all their desserts and pastries solely with natural sweetners:concentrated fruit juice, maple, agave and no they don't taste like cardboard. Their breakfast's are also pretty good, but their lunch/dinner menu...not so much. But then again they are a bakery and not a restaurant so it's ok.

A dessert place, something that L.A desperatelyneeds. It's still not as good Moby's Teany in N.Y's Chocolate Macaroon Cake, my background on my desktop is set to to that, but this is damn well close.

Mani's Bakery
Los Angeles
519 S. Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 938-8800


H. C. said...

I whole-heartedly agree that a dessert place is something L.A. needs (my waistline my beg to differ, however ;) .)

I like Mani's but think it's definitely got an identity issue -- a bakery specializing in organic/natural stuff (appealing to both sweet tooth & hippy-ish crowds) but also parlaying in casual foods fare. I personally think it'd be so much better if it concentrated more on the sweets--probably helps with the customer turnover at their packed dining space too.

Doug said...

I hear you - I rarely eat dessert - usually b/c of the caloric consequences, and the sheer amount of 'regular food' i could eat in its stead.

my weak spot is for ice cream - LA is haven for places like Pinkberry. NY only has one location and I choose to avoid their less natural brethren like tasti-d-lite.