Monday, October 15, 2007

Just What the Tonic Bar Guy Ordered...

Don't know what's been happening to my weekends lately. The punk/gig scene ceased to exist, don't feel (didn't ever) like "nozzing" it up at dance parties, and all my friends ever do is....well, fall deeper into the "East L.A Trap". So, I haven't really gone out, at all anymore. And staying home--whether because of 14 unit homework or because there isn't that much really to do without a car--tends to make you feel kind of bummed out. When the rest of the world is out partying and "enjoying their life", you're home "wasting" yours.

And this last Saturday, I just could'nt take it anymore and just walked out. And 2 hours and 3 busrides later, I somehow ended up at Erewhon's Tonic Bar with the bartender splitting around 6-10 different powder pills and dropping 4-5 droplets of different extracts.

"It's mostly Reishi mushroom" he advised, "it will help you".

10 minutes later I felt...good, not mad at myself, not anxious about nothing like I usually am, just good-a rarity indeed.

I was even able to meditate while my neighbors birthday party repeatedly blasted "Hey Bay Bay".

thank you tonic bar guy...

Erewhon Natural Foods
7660 Beverly Blvd # A,
Los Angeles, CA

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Anonymous said...

i love that market! i want to try the vegan cafe across the street too. oh, if you haven't already heard, i'm never eating there again.