Monday, June 09, 2008

Picnic des Chefs: "Rocky" music playing in the Background...

me: "yeah, i'm a food writer"

typical respondee: "oh my god, that is so cool!, I could totally do that"

.........yeah, but can you hang?

Lately, in the midst of of this continual spring/summer food event happening explosion, I have noticed that even with my passion for food, it can get a tad too de trop at times, just a tad though.

And, in these rapidly frequenting instances, of things ending up occurring on or around the same day--this can get downright vicious at times. I still live for these things (food), and look fatally forward to it (eat)--planning my next meal or reminiscing in my last--but recently I have been noticing, even the Glutster, has his limits.

One day people will take me seriously though, invitations from different events and restaurants coming to me left and right, as opposed having to beg and scour my way into stuff. As I had to for the 2008 "Picnic des Chefs" in Griffith Park, where even a denied press pass did not stop me from trying and going, I had to sacrifice one of my beloved few copies of the magazine where I was featured in though.

"Anything...if it is for the sake of food". (my principle in life)

Anyways, on to the event!

Of course, this had to be a picnic celebrating the elite, elegant style of French Cuisine that just has to be the way of doing everything in the "professional" culinary world. Go to most of the culinary schools in the world and you'll see what I mean, mastering a mother sauce or torching a flawless Crème Brûlée , read articles by most "established" food writers and see how many of them are dissing the grittiness of a Bechamel sauce or the nuanced flavor pairing of Foie Gras. I am being brazen, but that is the exact reason why I haven't gone to a Culinary School! What about "the grittiness" of a just as complex Masala sauce? What about steaming a "flawless" 奶皇包 (nai wong bao); a milk and egg steamed bun traditional in Dim Sum? What if I want to know how to master these type of foods and not the other "gourmet" conformist foods?

Sorry, sorry, its just frustrating how everyone else I know is "majoring in ________" and I am..."just doing something", since I can't major in "Ethnic Food Writing" just yet.

Even crème de la crème French chef's need their day off to frolic and treat themselves to a meal prepared by someone else's efforts. In this case, other renowned chefs, such as the admired Neal Fraser of the ever-popular Grace (especially popular for me), treating us to the deathly decadent savor of a Duck Confit and Bacon Salad representing the Burgundy region, richness disguised and made socially acceptable by some bitter Frisee and the crisp, enlightening acidity of a bright Pinot Noir Vinaigrette.

Yup, it was quite the baguette bonanza: preeminent pate's, quintessential Quiche Lorraine's and--of course--the infamous,Wild Snails in Garlic Herb Butter aka as Escargotl, prepared by the one and only Joe Miller of Joe's in Venice that I've never been to. And for my first time trying it, they were not half bad, reminiscent of a chewy, meaty clam or mussel.

Even after my dad's sudden urge to have a Dim Sum Elite breakfast that same morning and ingesting several Durian Pies (its funny how I came to be actually, my dad hates eating out, so, when he gets the urge, you best take it, no matter what), I still managed to to taste a lot, but I am telling you, doing this requires quite an amount fortitude sometimes...


H. C. said...

The few times I've tried escargot they are buried so deep in melted garlic butter that's all I can taste (along with the rubber like texture of the meat); to this day I'm still not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

And heard from LA Observed that tu Ciudad just got "suspended" in publication... :(

I wish I had your high eating threshold (or better yet, that my body isn't packing away so many calories ... then again, not sure if I would appreciate the alli-like side effects of just letting fats slide right through my GI system).

Matthew K. said...

hey sorry about that, you posted on my other blog "foodie's list" like two months ago. I scrapped that idea because it was going to take too much work. I renamed my other blog and will start focusing on that now. anyways, i love reading your entries, happy eating!

Matthew K. said...

btw, can I put your blog on my blogroll?

sofia said...

yup its confirmed: Ciudad is officially defunct. that makes you legendary, my friend.

MaxMillion said...

durien pies?! durien?!!? gahhhhh!

the worst thing about durien is that the STENCH of this vile 'fruit' shoots back up the nasal passages as you are trying to ingest it.

each to their own, tho ...