Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Mole Gods Have Spoken: Judging the 1st Annual East L.A Dia De Los Muertos Mole Contest

It has been decided, the Mole Gods have spoken. On Saturday Oct. 25 East L.A will host its very first Dia De Los Muertos Celebration along with a Mole Contest (thanks to the efforts of Chef Rocio Camacho from Moles La Tia)

And they/she have also inducted me the duty, the responsibility, the judge this truly transcendental event

It is here that she will finally unveil her new Dia De Los Muertos inspired creation that she has been dying to bring to life since I first met her. Capturing the 3 day celebration that is lived in her hometown, involving that popular corpse-shaped cinnamon spiced Pan de Muerto ladled halfways with an ancestral dark, Mole that is taken to another realm with the help of roasted garlic and crushed almonds, the dead shall walk the earth...satiated.

October 25, 2008
4801 E. 3rd Street Los Angeles Ca 90022
INFO: (323) 263-4462

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Food GPS said...

Congrats on landing a judge spot. Between "Bizarre Foods" and this, things are coming up Glutster. Sorry you weren't about to make it to Moles La Tia last night. We must have tried ten different moles, all unique. Very interesting spot, and incredible Day of the Dead decorations. Good rec.

Foodeater said...

What fun... you must be so stoked!

Exile Kiss said...

Hi Teenage Glutster,

Wow, first on TV, and now you're a Judge for a Mole Contest?! Congrats. :)

teenage glutster said...

yup...I know, trying my hardest to "make it" man!

That Mole competition definitely was something, this pastry chef lady came out with this "mole pound cake" topped with 66% chocolate!

shreds of chicken in rich cake...hmmm...