Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bizarre Foods, "East L.A" and Me: What did you guys think?

I will post up the video as soon as it is available.

I was quite nervous that day but in the end...it all came together pretty good :)

For those of you that caught it, what did you guys think?


Exile Kiss said...

Hi Javier,

Just awesome! (^_^) Loved your segment and it looked like you and Andrew Z had a great time.

The home-cooked Menudo, Nopales and Huitlacoche had me drooling! :) I've had Menudo plenty of times, but even just visually, it looked like your home-cooked version was just so much more well-made, with care and corazon! :)

Congrats again~ :)

Moonbeam's Auntie said...

That's awesome! So, when do all the Pleasure Palate members get to come over for dinner?! Really, that was way cool to have Andrew Z hanging out with the familia and enjoying the family dinner. Priceless.

mattatouille said...

i'm very upset that the scoops segment got edited out. it was my one chance for television glory! hey, did you get my email? are you still coming this friday?

Food GPS said...

Javier, nice job. The segment with you and your family was clearly the highlight, and the food was the most appetizing. Overall, I was disappointed with the episode. It was always hard to evaluate "Bizarre Foods," since I had never been intimately familiar with any of the cities, but now that Zimmern visited L.A., it's clear that he's off the mark. Oki Dog?! Really?! Raw food is a peculiar L.A. dining option, so it was probably worth showing, but I would NEVER eat "rawsagna." Typhoon is a second-rate Asian restaurant that wouldn't even be worth mentioning without their insect dishes. Most of the dishes Zimmern ate at Ford's Filling Station and Chinois on Main aren't normally available, so there's not much practical value to viewers. I kept waiting for Scoops to appear, and it never did. That was the biggest disappointment, since Tai is genuinely trying to showcase original flavors on a daily basis.

Paul said...

Was disappointed that Andrew mentioned 'up and coming chef'? Yet everyone else but Javier in the segment was cooking...Maybe I am misquoting..

Foodeater said...

You and your family were all adorable! The nopales and blue tortillas looked so delicious, and that was the first time I've seen huitlacoche prepared in a way that actually seemed appetizing. Thank you for including vegetarian foods to balance out the hooves and tripe :)

Of course I found most of the show revolting and had to fast forward, but it was cool they featured the segments on raw food and Mr. Wisdom. It's always funny to see Andrew defeated by durian.

Good job!

Mr. WoOfer said...

Congrats Teengluts! Congrats also to your father for this past Sun.

I had a chance to watch your television debut on youtube.com and thought you honorably represented classic (and delicious) Mexican dishes. The menudo and flan were mouthwatering. He compared the menudo to "licking the floor of heaven." Now that's a compliment!

Still I wanted to see you cook more. Really enjoyed how your mother showed Zimmern who the boss really is with the tortillas.

When is your next television appearance? Soon, hopefully.
Today "food blogger" tomorrow exotic chef.

Keep up the good work.

FoodDigger said...

yo tengo ambre. Good job, Javier!

Klang said...

Just watched the show. I had it TIVO'd. I thought you did a great job, and the food looked fantastic.


Daily Gluttony said...

just watched the show, javier--bravo!!! now do you mind if invite myself over for some menudo???

The John said...

Watching it right now and everything looks great! Nopales is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

I recently saw your segment on bizarre foods. You rock. great job. I love your blog, too. I look forward to seeing you develop as a writer and eater!


teenage glutster said...


Had no idea I had so many readers! Thanks again for your support, everyone.
A lot of you guys inspired me to start up my own blog.

good eating! hope to eat with you guys one day...