Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hiatus Buster 2009: The Dawning of Glutster?

Stuff has been crazy in me lately: thoughts, ideas, actions--simply swerving me away from my usual food frenzied way of life, inspiration cut drastically as of late.

About to hit the big 2-0, a goodbye to my teen years is visible now (exactly one week). I know everything is going to be the same but still can't help but be hopelessly nostalgic, after all, I am the Teenage Glutster ('glut'-gluttony)

So now what? Haphazardly drop the 'Teenage' part to appease regardless of all the fame I've built with it?

Nothing definite yet, we'll see what miraculous enlightenment comes to me within a week.

I have been doing stuff though, am going to be contributing to this South Central Redevelopment Project, naturally the food/restaurant part--I already have my first submission on Simply Wholesome and will post as soon as I get the O.K.

Now if you excuse me, I have some living up to do >:)

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mattatouille said...

go Glutster! Looking forward to your posts.