Thursday, September 17, 2009

Indonesian Immersion: Pre-Porkage Snacking in Bali

Mosquitoes in Surabaya are fiendish little bastards, greedy in their foreign foodblogger preferred blood thirst and not stopping until you stop them. My sleep deprivation was to continue for the third day in a row as sooner than I knew it...the Surabaya sun was rising and it was time for us to jet.
Surabaya Sun

To Bali, it was yet another short flight, less than a sleep deprived hour. As if my excitement was going to let me catch any Zzzz's anyway...I still couldn't believe I was going to freaking Bali!.

The morning was barely breaking in as we smoothly landed, our driver on hire had arrived kept punctuality.

At first, I was mesmerized by the sheer prevalence of people on motorbikes. For every one car there must had been at least fifteen bikes meandering their ways through the traffic stop-and-go formed smoggy labyrinths, dangerously close to the courteous but compulsive driving of cars that went to and fro everywhere.

Never thought that 100cc light-frame pushbikes were able to serve as family vehicles but guess I was wrong. I saw as many as a family of four to a simple nuclear family of three, all riding along nonchalantly.

don't worry baby has a helmet
don't worry, the baby...has a helmet

First things first, a pit stop for snackage was due before the driven scenic tour (since the suckling pig place wasn't open yet).

nori seaweed lays
Nori Seaweed flavored Lay's for breakfast. Crisp and briny, mmmmmmm....

Nothing though, had prepared me for the breathtaking sensory overload I was about to behold:

Rice Paddy Terraces
Rice Paddy Terraces made me treasure every single grain of rice I ate on this trip (and that's a lot).

The traveling photo genius Mattatouille also having a field day with the scenery.

Some more pre-pork snacks was to be had at one of the many local spice and produce shops along the curvy roads.


fruit bounty
Passionfruit, Salak, Mangosteens, Mangoes

Salak or 'snake fruit' as it is also called is up there with the unique exotic, hard-shelled spectrum of fruit. A look and feel like monstrously enlarged garlic cloves with a hard, sweet crisp. For me, a flavor reminiscent of sweetened vitamins with kiwi essences.

Exuberant Passionfruit with its alien-baby like flesh and seeds.

a fresh fucken pineapple!
A Fresh Fucken Pineapple!: I never really thought about where they grew from...

cacao trees only natural here
Cacao trees were were also usual around these areas

And last but not least....Kopi Luwak.

kopi luwak

This coffee achieves a particularly murky nuttiness and deep flavor due to its fecal, pre-digested sourcing: the precious droppings of the Musang Luwak.

matt's senses


Actually preferred it over the normal non-pooped ground Kope Bali coffee...yup, I just said that.



Christina said...

Heh, I've heard of that coffee.

The families on the bikes reminds me of the time my mom sort of freaked when she saw a kid in a car seat in the back of a Jeep with the zip top thing all the way down. She just said it wasn't safe, and I said that the kid looked like he was happy.

weezermonkey said...

So cool! Loving the seaweed Lays. Not loving the poopy coffee. ;)

burumun said...

That was my first time seeing salak tree too, and first time having kopi luwak. Was enjoying it too until someone made the 'runny' joke!!

Exile Kiss said...

Hi Teenage Glutster,

The Passion Fruit looks very cool fresh. The Salak looks really freaky. And then that coffee... too much information. (^_~) LOL. Thanks for the great report.

Food, she thought. said...

Your pics are coming out gorgeous! All this travel is good for your skills!