Friday, October 02, 2009

And the Winner for Two Tickets to the L.A Chocolate Salon is.....

By order of true randomness , I announce the winner of two free tickets to this years L.A Luxury Chocolate Salon to be...

(really fast drum roll please)

...Hanh Nguyen!

"My Glutster moment - I had a bag full of fancy, spiced truffles melt into a soup of yummy chocolate in its original bag, so I poured it into a tupperware box and then used that as a dip for granny smith apples. I won't say how many apples I went through."

A full bag of truffles eyy?

Good start, but the Chocolate Salon will be like eating 40 full bags of truffles, enjoy!


I will submit your name and email to the people over at Taste TV and two tickets will be waiting for you at will call.

As for the rest of you?

Thanks for trying your luck, this was the first time I do something like this but it will not be my last.

And don't's only $20 presale for over 40 Artisan Chocolatiers!

That is really nothing compared to other food events I've covered (some up to $300-$500? not kidding)

hope to see you guys there!

1 comment:

Chicken said...

Huzzah!!! Thx, Glutster. I'll remember you fondly when I'm getting my stomach pumped from ODing on cacao.