Saturday, November 14, 2009

The FoodBuzz Festival: Day 1 Pit Stop (Titas Pupuseria)

It seemed like forever ago I was scrambling around to scan in my signature and email it over to them before the deadline but it was time!

The Foodbuzz festival! Meaning...FOODBLOGGER ROAD TRIP!

the guys

It was to be Mattatouille, The Kung Food Panda and I, squeezed into the Food GPS mobile--an Acura RSX for five hours straight...

It was not long before we stopped for our first pit stop while speeding along the sunburnt asphalt of the I-5 North: Titas Pupuseria, a Pupusa truck?

Titas Pupuseria

A new potential post or a habituated Double-Double? It was Pupusa time!

Menu wasn't half bad, offering a couple of other cool Salvodorean options

Of course, we all opted for its national dish.

Loroco: A flower bud used as a herb. The flavor is really light and subtle, just a vaguely faint tarragon-like taste.

Each order took around ten minutes to make, then I saw why and did not mind the wait. Each turnover had a guaranteed part of the cheese that would be purposely oozed out and left to be turned into a small crispy piece of golden goodness.

The pickled, shredded cabbage slaw known as Curtido also was a step above others I've had around town. Matt and I agreed that it was not too different than a form of Kimchi.

A surprisingly delectable find in the land of franchise driven "T.A" travelers centers.

Next stop...San Francisco!

Titas Pupuseria
20617 Tracey Ave.
Buttonwillow, CA


Daily Gluttony said...

This is a most excellent find. I'm always driving with la familia up & down the 5 to visit my mom and the fast food just gets old. Thanks for reporting!

Aaron said...

A pupuseria in Buttonwillow of all places? I believe Buttonwillow is also the only stop on I-5 with an Indian restaurant. So where is that pupusa truck's home turf? I can't imagine that it just stays in the pit stops

Food GPS said...

That pupusa truck was a great surprise, with pupusas and curtido better than most in L.A.. Was it a mirage?

and this blog said...

nice road trip!!!... i hate ur fast metabolism... actually more like i'm super jealous! =)

Food, she thought. said...

That looks so tasty, J, I want it right now. Can you bring me some breakfast?

Gastronomer said...

Whoa! Buttonwillow? Great find, guys!

Kung Food Panda said...

That was some good stuff Javier! Better than the proposed In N Out idea...

allison_joe said...

after reading about your post...and being a frequent road-tripper up and down the 5, I stopped at Tita's yesterday. One for there and one for the road. I am currently eating a refried, oozy, cabbaged pupusa and loving it! Reheated, the oozy cheese is now crispy and fantastic (although probably less authentic).

There's also a rival catering truck at the Buttonwillow exit across from Tita's...haven't tried it, but will next time!