Monday, November 09, 2009

The Rise of L.A. Food Trucks: A Walking Gastro Tour with Javier Cabral

big bad truck
Big, Bad Trucks

...Still don't know how I came up with that title but YES that is my name and that will be the tour I will be guiding at this upcoming Downtown Los Angeles Artwalk

A guerilla revolution in the Los Angeles food scene has been slowly taking place in the streets and driveways of our brick and mortar habituated restaurant culture: Concept Food Trucks (Mobile Cuisine). Taco trucks are one thing but gourmet food trucks? The hugely acclaimed “Korean Taco” slinging Kogi Taco Truck unofficially started it…but that was only the beginning. Join me as I guide you through South Indian Dosa’s, vintage horror movie themed plant based hot dogs, handmade D.I.Y ice cream sandwiches and many, many more. This will be a walking tour, but don’t worry; there will be plenty of refueling points along the way…

The event takes place on the second Thursday of every month and this upcoming one happens to be it!

If you guys haven't been before, this is a must-do if you live anywhere within the L.A locale, like an all out block party oozing--sometimes literally--with unexampled
performance art and upwards of 10,000 modish Angelenos that are out, loud and boisterously about.

downtown art walk

Artlessly, no other event in L.A attracts as many trucks as the Downtown Art Walk, let’s see what we hunt down that night...

Some most likely appearances:

Marked 5 (Japanese/American Fusion Burgers)

Coolhaus (Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwiches w/ edible wrappers)

The Franken Stand (Vintage Horror Movie Themed Plant Based Hot Dogs)

Nom Nom Truck (Vietnamese Bahn Mi Sandwiches)

The Dosa Truck (South Indian Dosas)

Border Grill Truck (Gourmet Tacos, Tamales, Churro Bites)

Fishlips (Sushi and Rolls)

The Witch: Full sail Ale cooked Tofu dog with customizable toppings from The Franken Stand

coolhaus ice cream sandwich
Vanilla Bean on Ginger w/ edible wrapper: D.I.Y Ice Cream Sandwiches from Coolhaus


Anonymous said...

It was so awesome meeting you at Foodbuzz this weekend! Make sure when you stop by Border Grill, you say hi! I'm working that night :)

MyLastBite said...

We were just discussing this last night.


Gastronomer said...

I'll be there, Jav! Can't wait. I want NOM NOM!

mattatouille said...

they make it easy to conduct food marathons on every second thursday. you should bring a bullhorn with you to control your roving food crowd.

Anonymous said...

It was nice meeting you, Javier! Don't know if you remember me, but hey, I WANT TO DO THIS food truck walk thing! I'm actually a reporter for my school newspaper, so I'll ask my editors if I can do a feature on this or something...sounds cool!!!!!

weezermonkey said...

Sad to miss this! I'll be in SF for work!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so is the next food truck walk on Dec 10th?

Billy Vasquez said...

Nice to chat with you downtown at the Nom Nom Truck. Here's my Nom Nom video:
Just finished New Yorker article - great!

Sheila Viers | Live Well 360° said...

Have you seen The Buttermilk Truck? They just launched last week.

I think there should be a smoothie truck that hangs out outside local gyms. :-)