Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oaxacan Gastronomy Day at La Huasteca This Sunday

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Rocio Camacho formerly of Moles La Tia has just informed me about a "Oaxacan Gastronomy" day that she will be hosting at La Huasteca this Sunday.

She went on and on about some lady who was coming from Oaxaca for a couple of days just to make fresh Tejate. A divine Southern Mexican drink of toasted Cacao, toasted purple corn and the pit of the Mamey custard fruit. Think Horchata but with tastes of bitter chocolate and an ethereal creaminess provided by this natural whipped cream-like foam that forms on top. She will be having her own booth.

In addition to this, she said one of her favorite Mezcal companies were also going to be setting up camp outside...and she sounded mightily excited.

And of course, a Oaxacan-only brunch buffet that she will be catering herself will be available inside of the restaurant starting at 10:00 AM going through the day.

Tejate, Mezcal and Rocio behind a Oaxacan Buffet?

...sounds like the ideal Glutster Sunday morning Hangover cure!

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Check out a recent tasting dinner that she held...

La Huasteca, 3150 E. Imperial Hwy., Lynwood; 310-537-8800.

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Exile Kiss said...

Hi Glutster,

Nice. Thanks for the 411. I'm glad to hear Rocio is back in a restaurant working again.