Friday, May 14, 2010

The Mad Greek: Debauchery-Driven Deliciousness

the og mad greeks
The O.G Mad Greeks

There is something about eating a freshly baked, flaky Spanakopita in the middle of nowhere to help assuage your passage back to reality after a weekend in Vegas. The clanking sounds of the leftover bottles of alcohol as you speed in the car makes your stomach swish, and all of a sudden...all-you-can-eat crab legs don't sound appetizing anymore.

the mad greek signage
The Mad Greek: Mirage?

You see faded billboards a few miles before the exit to the The Mad Greek bearing "OPEN 24 HOURS" and you are befuddled--is this really a Greek Restaurant? Well, it is still a long drive back home and only fast food surrounds you...oh what the hell. Let's try it.

the mad greek

It is 1AM, there is only a Filipino family eating a club sandwich and ritz crackers that they brought themselves, uh-oh.

the mad greek ambiance
Ambiance: Dead

A barrage of menu items hit you as you approach to order. Things like Dolmades and Zaziki Pita are cloaked with Tuna Melts and Chili Cheese Fries but they are there.

the mad greek deli display case
The Greek Goods:

But what's that I see? A Spanakopita could it be? Its late and the consequences of eating heavy could already be felt through the redolent aroma of spit-roasted shawarma. Fuck it...a Spanakopita it is. I'll just take some bites of my friends "Va-gyro" as they called it. They also wanted me ask the cashier if they had any "Cream of Mushroom Tip Soup". Ok, maybe we weren't completely sober still.

A small order of hommos would also aid in detoxing my body and reversing this weekends 'drunken-munchies' debauchery. It was surprisingly chunky actually, not as smooth as I've had before. Also not as heavy with in the bitter, sour Tahini sauce, but still drizzled with super fruity olive oil and a little paprika, that kalamata olive and parsley sprig for greens would would have to do for now.

the mad greek combo shot
Another Favorite Triangle Shaped Thing Of Mine

Good thing the homie Angel--or "Gay-ngel" as we referred him in the trip--honored his High School food roots and ordered an order of Fried Zucchini. With a crunchy, breadcrumb batter, it beat the pants of off pita bread as a dipper for the hommos.

the mad greek fried zucchinni
Honoring Our High School Diet

As we left, we couldn't help but simply admire some fine Greek Wisdom that sat hanging on the bathroom hallway wall.

the mad greek wisdom
Behold Greek Wisdom

Opa Guey!!

The Mad Greek
72112 Baker Blvd
Baker, CA 92309
(760) 733-4354


$5-12 per person kinda


Anna A. said...

Bravo Guey! Glad you like spanakopita - it's my favorite and I make it all the time. People hate on the Mad Greek like mad but they don't realize they are out in BF armpit of California, and beggars can't be choosers esp compared to other options out there like mcburgerskank. Just for the record, fried zuccini is traditionally paired with tzatziki and not hummus (which is not Greek), but go on with your bad self. And thanks for appreciated my country's humble food.

EatNopales said...

Ay cabron... so what was the Vagyro? Its not a euphemism for trying to marry off the ugliest daughter?

weezermonkey said...

This is such an institution. I have many childhood memories of this place.