Friday, June 18, 2010

The World Cup At Guelaguetza: Mexican Glory And Chef Ludo

The impossible happened...all of a sudden I like sports! Well, OK, maybe just if it involves some sort of finals or championship type status, or if its your very own culture duking it out against others. Ok, ok, maybe just the last half of it too, and after a few swigs of tequila/wine/beer.

Well, I happened to get sucked in to all the enthusiastic brouhaha this year since everyone else around me made such a huge freaking deal about it. So I decided to see what was up for myself, might I add at 7:00 AM too?!

Mexico Gol!

And I loved it! The pressure, the early morning boozing, the suspense but most importantly the feeling of unceasing good energy of millions of people around the world brought together by a soccer ball. Its pretty crazy.

This last Thursday was the coveted Mexico vs. France game. For Mexicans--poblanos--to be precise, it was not just a soccer game but a chance to show France what's up, again! There was certainly lots of tension though. And there was certainly no lack of coverage as there was at least 3-4 different T.V station wagons from KTLA to Telemundo, all parked outside.

Mexico Tension

I especially felt bad for the guest of honor for that game...Chef Ludo! In other words, the only guy in the entire restaurant that was wearing blue in front of 200+ rowdy, green-touting, prideful Mexicans.

Ludo in Disappointing Hope
Ludo Hoping Against Hope

But sorry Ludo, there is no denying it. Mexico was clearly a more superior team than France this time around.

Chef Ludo losing it
Ludo Losing It

Fortunately, there was plenty of smooth Tequila to console him through the 2-0 Mexican onslaught though.

Ludo Pounding Real De Mexico Like Water
Ludo El Borrachito: Real De Mexico Of Course!

And you know what they say, if you can't beat 'em...join 'em!

Ludo, That's What's Up!
In Your Face! Well, Back Really

And of course, good food a given whenever you come to Guelaguetza. This buzzed morning around, I had an intense hankering for some of their strapping Oaxacan tacos de Barbacoa De Chivo. Hand rolled, these are basically a rendition of Birria,, here, they are thick skinned and bulging with filleted meat. The kid goat here is slowly braised in a red chile broth that is heavy on spices and herbs until it becomes tender and gamy insanity in a tortilla. Served with that same superbly full bodied broth that is all the better for dunking these bad boys in as you inhale them.

tacos de barbacoa de chivo
Tacos De Barbacoa De Chivito: Mexican Glory

It was only a matter of time until Ludo was subject to the Oaxacan jewel of Mole Negro. Since we all know he's only had Mole Zacatecano (the best) via my mom and I a while back.

Ludo And Mom Confrontation Over Mole
Ludo And Mom Mole Confrontation: Moment Of Truth

Nonetheless, this day was fun as hell. And will be looking forward to watching every single upcoming Mexico game coming up!!!

good times at Guelaguetza III
Ay Guey! Quien Es El Guapo De Amarillo?!


MakeOne, The Love Man said...

Nice post....and great times. Chef Ludo is down to take massive drinks of tequila. crazy!!

Gastronomer said...

Bad ass, Javi! Wish this place were closer to my 'hood. Vern and I certainly would've been there :-) Happy world cup!

Eddie Lin said...

That is hilarious, dude! Ludo in blue surrounded by Green-goes!!

Hey, Chef Ludo was a good sport at least. I'm sure the tequila helped a lot!