Thursday, July 01, 2010

Am I Cruel Or Just Hungry? You Decide!



One of the first questions I usually get asked by my A.L.F supporting Anarcho-Grind-Crust punk friends is if I ever feel bad for the food I eat.

Well, Zocalo Public Square recently went out and asked people what was "The cruelest thing you've ever ate?" They are doing a panel on July 7th with Jonathan Gold and a couple other food industry folk on the compelling topic of sustainable seafood called "Will Seafood Soon Be A Delicacy".

I kind of went ALL OUT with my response. I talked about eating lobster sashimi so fresh that it was still alive to look at me eat it, along with taking 'advantage' of some drunk shrimp. ha ha.

I guess they must of liked it because they published it on their website!

So here ya' go:

Trip out on my top of the food chain eating ways.

What would you do?


maite said...

Great blog! Love that we share lobster as the cruelest food ever, and the live version even made the "cover." Cheers!

burumun said...

Hehe, I posted a video of live lobster sashimi on youtube and got a few "hate" comments from people that got offended. But it was so tasty ...

glutster said...

maite: *blushes* thanks! :)

burumun: whatevaa! top of the food chain and what?

eastside food bites said...

I would have eaten the sashimi, too. I always feel really guilty when I get lured by foie gras, but I think I've almost cured the addiction. However, I am weak, and I could fall off the wagon at if I go near the French Laundry for instance.

H. C. said...

I don't so much think of it as an either/or proposition -- there are certainly moments for me (such as watching an exposé documentary on the food indusry) where I feel extra bad about even a hamburger, and likewise there were other times when the sheer tastiness of food presented (foie gras being the best example) supersedes any conscientious qualms I have about the whole gavaged fowls.

And despite all the people that goes "eff the animals" I'm sure even they have some reservations about foods where they're gonna draw the line at, likewise for people who try to be very aware... but simply can't pass up a few specific items because they're so good (best example being the "occasional" or "part-time" vegetarians.)

Whether for humane, environmental or health purposes, I think there's going to be a neverending debate on what you want to eat versus what you should eat, because everyone has a different moral compass on where that line is. But ultimately, I'm all for people who are willing to be open-minded and give an effort to making better food choices