Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ataque Sonoro (Ataque Frontal Records. Brazil. 1985) The Glutster's Punk Vinyl Of The Day

Introducing a new series I am finally getting my lazy ass to start writing, The Glutster's Punk Vinyl Of The Day will focus on reviewing every single vintage punk vinyl I have. Six milk crates to be exact, thanks again to my older brother who just gave me all of his old stuff he used to collect in the 80's. And well...someone has to keep this glorious stuff alive.

And now introducing the record that was that was my tipping point.

How Do You Say Fuck You In Portuguese?

Anarqia! Oi! Oi!

I remember when I first dropped the needle on this baby a few years ago and being dumbfounded, confusing it first for Spanish "casteLLLLLano". It was extra fuzzy than other records and the voice tracks of most songs were not the strongest. But I didn't care, at first sound untuned beat, I knew this was the essence of classical punk. Raw.

All the songs are fast, the overdrive levels on guitar are to the highest treble and bass is barely audible. Most of the songs are not in sync, the drums are played so fast that the rest of the band can't even keep up with. There are plenty of fast breaks going in and out with slow breakdowns. In other words, fucken glorious.

Catchy tunes like "Anarquia" by Garotos Podres (Side Antes) emphasize reinforced use of sing- along chorus's and keeps your head bobbing with the harmonious use of a turvy diatonic harmonica. While songs like "Trabalhadores Brasileiros" by Espermogramix (Side Antes) even have an advanced intro of a pre-recorded alarm chiming before the heavy chords swoop in and take charge. And I swear, there is a song here somewhere that mentions Feijoada!

All in all, this is definitely in my top 3 at the moment and is as good as gold for me. I wouldn't trade it or sell it for anything.

Punk Do Brasil!!!



Antes Side

1. Virus 27- reprecaos
2. Ratos De Porao- Condenado
3. Garotos Podres-Anarquia
4. Espermogramix- Trabalhadores Brasileiros
5. Aushwitz- Ignorancia Cega
6. Desordeiros- Progresso
7. Colera- Rebeldes
8. Grinder's- Skate Gralha
9. Armagedom- Super Projetos
10. Lobotomia- Faces Da Morte

Depois Side

11. Lobotomia- Lobotomia
12. Ratos De Porao- Cerebros Atomicos
13. Armagedom- Mortos De Fome
14. Espermogramix- Bombas
15. Garotos Podres- Eunao Sei O Que Quero
16. Auschwitz- Corrupcao
17. Coleraj- Vira Latas
18. Virus 27- Capitalismo
19. Desordeiros- Holocausto


Anonymous said...

ahem –first of all, you're NOT trading or selling ANY of these for anything!!


secondly, i don't recall having GIVEN them to you. i DID leave them with you since you expressed interest in listening to them. instead of hiding them away in storage where nobody listened to them!
i figured, yes, let them get used/played. that's what they're for.

um, but they're still mine;)
ok. our's. :)

Daniel Dias said...

In Brazil we speak Portuguese, not Castilian.
This album is fucking great!

glutster said...

Daniel: I thought it was spanish the very first time I popped it in only! haha. I realized right away it was Portuguese a few seconds later.

stay punk!