Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A New Beer On The (Biergarten) Block: Alesmith Speedway Imperial Stout

Neil Kwon Loves Beer
The Bier Commander: Neil Kwon

Introducing a new series I am starting up to share the underestimated pleasure of enjoying some good brew, "A New Beer On The (Biergarten) Block" will focus and romanticize on new beers on tap that Neil Kwon (owner and beer director of Biergarten) gets in.

Alesmith Speedway Imperial Stout
Alesmith's Speedway Stout: A Dark Chocolate Shake Disguised As A Beer!

This time around it was the Speedway Stout from the highly acclaimed brewery, Alesmith. I've heard so much about this brewery from several of my camaradas and at first sip I then knew why.

He had tapped in to the fresh keg as soon as I got there, draining out the leftover ass of another popular Imperial stout into another pitcher. He told me the tag said it was made at the end of August sometime, this was the beer equivalent of freshly squeezed O.J or something.

Its intense, unabashed flavor hit me outta nowhere! At first sip of creamy head, it was hard to believe this wasn't a melted Chocolate shake or something. Pleasurably substantial enough to leave a thick beer mustache even a milk mustache would envy. Each sip could easily be confused with a bite into the darkest, most expensive chocolate bar you could buy. Flavors of extra toasted good espresso come out as well as you chug away at it. And believe it or not, still maintained with a light and crisp mouth feel. Ohh...that's why! This stuff is aged in bourbon barrels and brewed with actual pounds of coffee. Damn, Alesmith doesn't mess around.

Almost impossible to believe this well balanced bad boy somehow weighs in at a 12.0 ABV%

Neil had to wait more than two months to finally get a batch of the stuff and is only going to have this until it runs out. So, get on the speedway and....ah-ha! Thought I was going to use an ultra cheesy cliche clincher!

Alesmith Speedway Imperial Stout

$8.50 A Glass

206 N Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 466-4860

Open Everyday


Food GPS said...

Your next step, if you dare, is to find a taste of the Speedway Stout brewed with Kopi Luwak. That beer is hard to find, and highly controversial, but a couple ounces were in my glass for a fleeting moment at Woodshop 2.0.

Also, it would be cool if you focused on beers at different bars each week. There are plenty of bars that feature great beers on a regular basis.

glutster said...

Food GPS:

I like Beer challenges ;)

I could only imagine how bad ass that beer will taste.

ha ha.

Thanks for your professional advice, I guess that is why I left the parenthesis open?

maybe I can join you in your neverending beer crawl one of these days?


Anonymous said...

They need to get some of that Russin river in there!

Anthony said...


Love this rec. I went there last week and got this particular beer and tasted great. I was craving a stout for a while and this hit the spot. Please do more beer features... please!

glutster said...

Andi: means a lot. thanks for you comment. just for you, I will follow this up quite soon, ha ha.

Just talked to him right now. He's about to tap into a pumpkin ale real soon, he he.