Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Beer And Punk! A Night Of Live Music At Biergarten This Thursday, Nov 4th 8:00 PM (Freeeee!)

Punk And Reggae Night At BierGarten
Punk, Beer Or Food? For Once, A Night Of All 3!

Introducing an awesome night of live music at Biergarten!

Both my worlds will clash this upcoming Thursday night as a few of my o.g high school homies (actually my age!) show Koreatown what's up with their true East L.A born-and-bred soulful sounds.

Dance Inducing and Fun Producing: The Shagrats

First up we have the twang spiked, psychedelic evolved sounds of The Shagrats! Boots (singer) and I used to listen to The Casualties and drink 40 oz since we were in Middle School man. They played at my 21st birthday party and tore shit up with their bluezy beats and fervidly synced power chords.

The Delirians: Do it steady! Rocksteady!

Second up are The Delirians. Anthony Medina (keys; organist) and I used to talk about cute girls--and teachers--back in my mocoso Garfield High School days. I've seen these guys evolve from fast and loud "Ska-Core" to the mellow and bouncy sound that they have now.

Also in the lineup is Anomalie & The Speakeasy Earth The powerful lyrics and catchy guitar shreddage of this one woman band has recently captivated me (meaning listening to her EP sometimes 5 times in a row, he he).

And last but not least, the guys of Backseat Bingo will be charming the ladies with their jocular lyrics and entertaining beats.

Sooo...shooot doooown! Have a beer (or 5) and bob your head at least!

First band goes up at 8! (hopefully!)

206 N Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90004
Neighborhood: Wilshire Center
(323) 466-4860

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Andi? said...

I have a weakness for surf guitar...and punk...and Biergarten.

This sounds pretty awesome.