Thursday, November 30, 2006

French...Finally! Monsieur Marcel Restaurant & Wine Bar

I finally had Coq Au Vin!

You would think that with my obsession with food, i would have had tasted authentic French food by now right? After all, it does set the standard. Well no, since french food tends to be pretty pricey, i've never had the pleasure of having real French Food until now. Thanx Starla!

Authentic French Fare but without the Fine Dining aspect. Since it's located in The Farmers Market, it's probably the only good French Place in L.A where you could eat, without breaking the bank.

The food was just what we needed for the nippy, freezing weather that we have been experiencing lately.
We started off with a hot, steaming bowl of rich Fondue with a big bowl of little cubes of fresh baguette. Cheesy not soupy, with the familiar taste of liquor taming the richness in the end. The cheesy threads that stuck to the bread when you took it out was the size of a football field.

For my main course, i had to try the famed Coq Au Vin that i had only read about, never thinking i was going to experience it anytime soon. This is a typical meal that you would find cooking in an old french village. It was what Frijoles con Tortillas are to Mexicans. The meat was so tender, it felt like it had been cooking all day. When the Red Wine reduction intertwined with the Scalloped Potatoes, it was something truly amazing. Nice wholesome food to keep me warm for the whole winter.

The Chocolate Mousse deserves an honorable mention also. Chunky and chocolaty where so many have come up too sweet and too light.

Truly Winter Food if there were ever any.

Farmers Market
3rd and Fairfax

Monsieur Marcel Pain Vin Et Fromage in Los Angeles

6 comments: said...

I am definitely going to check it out! Sounds divine...

Anonymous said...

If you are ever in Culver City check out La Dijonnaise. It's totally affordable and really good bistro style french.

Anonymous said...

French food is amazing. By the way, I am not French:) But I've got a blog about French cooking. Maybe you will find something interesting there:)

Anonymous said...

After all, it does set the standard. Well no, since french food tends to be pretty pricey, i've never had the pleasure of having real French Food until now.
French culinary is great, I love it, I think everybody should try it...

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
You might want to try Le Saint Amour in Cluver City. Chef Bruno, ex Angelique café in Downtown, has a nice setting and some truly French fare items, such as boudin noir (blood sausage)whiwh is decent but is a little dry to my taste, andouillette (sausage made from various pig innards,tripe, pâtés etc. and the prices are relatively low (below 18$ for entrées.
As a French private chef and caterer I want to point out that scalopped potatoes would typically never be served in France along coq au vin: to match the sauce of the dish, bistrots and home cooks tend to serve a simple starch (no cream) like steamed potatoes or elbow macaroni.
Bon appétit !
L.A. Phil

glutster said...


thank you so much for commenting and for recommendation. I have learned much more about French cuisine since I wrote this when I was 18. ha ha.

I have been fond of chef Ludo of Ludobites more ravid, crazy approach to French fare lately.

I will Le Saint Amour as soon as I can.