Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bao Beginnings : Take a Bao


Supreme 包子(Bao)?! Style of 大能(almighty) Taco?

Sorry...the no-fuss, straight to the point style of the Mandarin language is getting to me, I'm taking a course in it right now for the sole reason of being able to walk in to a Chinese restaurant and order off the...untranslated menu, you know, where all the good stuff is at?

Anyways, Take A Bao finally opened up in the Century City Mall. And I must say, raised in my purist Bao ways, their stuff really impressed me. The buns stay true to the cloud/pillow-like lightness that gives Bao its pliable essence, even by the time you get around to your time-tepid 2nd one (order comes with 2). This goes for earthier "wheat" option as well.

Fillings and ingredients definitely playing on our variation-evolved sweet tooth's: Sweet Chili Glazed Tofu was nice, and the Pomegranate Skirt Steak w/ Hoisin Sauce sounded way too good to pass up, not to mention the vibrantly sweet dressing on the Napa Salad that accompanies these buns.

Hell, even my bipolar Pescatarian/Nondairyan/Vegan/Raw/Localvore/flexitarian personalities were satisfied with the 8 Vegetable Salad. 8 raw vegetables of all species--yes, including Avocado and Edamame--cut up for your "Detoxing", or any other excuses your giving to everyone that looks at you curiously for getting "a salad". And that Wasabi in their Guacamole...brilliant, literally, it really does light up your tongue a bit.

And take that S'more Bun seriously, especially with that good quality, other-than-Hershey's chocolate, its quite clever really.

To New Beginnings...

Take A Bao
10250 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90067
(310) 551-1100


H. C. said...

Thanks for the review -- I'm skeptical of being the first guinea pig to test this one out, given its mall location and its emphasis on "Asian-inspired" (read: fusion) flavors -- which happens to include a confuzzling "crispy fish taco" bao.

But given your positive notes, I'll definitely give it a try if I'm nearby. Here's hoping for the best!

Food Marathon said...

Learning Chinese? Your dedication to eating better is astounding.