Sunday, October 11, 2009

About The Glutster

"Food, punk, angst, hormones and a really, really fast metabolism" is the concept behind the "Teenage Glutster" food blog. Since the angry and bored age of fifteen--starting with a fascination of his never ending growth in his height--he has had had this burning consumer passion/obsession with anything and everything relating to food, drink its history and technicalities. East L.A born and bred, it was in his transferring of High Schools from inner city Garfield High School to ethnic, suburban streets of Alhambra H.S where he discovered just how awesome food really is and how much its taken for granted.

While the rest of his preppy classmates would swarm to the nearest franchise burger dispensary after school, he would walk aimlessly collecting take out menu's from regional ethnic restaurants. He currently is taking as many local Culinary Arts, Baking, English, journalism classes as he can while balancing playing in back yard punk shows and being on the fencing team. His imminent domain is NYU for their "Food Studies" program as he thinks this is his calling in life, to somehow make a living with anything really relating to food and writing.

Although no longer a teenager, his fast metabolism ain't going nowhere and his alcohol tolerance is only getting higher...

Some of the stuff he is proud of accomplishing include:

-Being mentioned in the L.A Times when he first started blogging for his unique angle.

- Almost getting sued for millions for blogging about his guest appearance student judge during Hell's Kitchen 2, meeting Gordan Ramsay (nicest guy in the world actually) at the age of 17.

-Freelancing his first piece for Lateen Magazine when he was 18.

-Having his own full segment on the L.A episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.

Having his props given for his review of
Moles La Tia by the Pulitzer prize scoring Jonathan Gold.

A profile piece on him for Ciudad Magazine

-An invaluable mention in the New Yorker

-Working as a fixer and two-piece contributor to the L.A March issue of Saveur Magazine

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