Friday, October 02, 2009

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Anonymous said...

heyyy itts Stephanie A. ! :D i met you on the bus today (: just dropped by to say hi && give you props on all the amazing pictures on your page! <3 they look finger lickin'! :]

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm Martin
I looked at your truck section and there not much there. I was wondering if you have tried "kogi's Tacos". I go when its in my area in monrovia. You should try it dude! It's tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and mullitas but with a korean twist. try it dude!

Anonymous said...

hola, exelentes fotos unos amigos y yo estamos pensando en u proyecto para impulsar la gastronomia de nuestar region somo 4 chef y queremos adentrarnos e impulzar nustras cocinas cada quien de su area, y veo que te interesa, la comida mexicanapues ojala te pongas en contacto

Tanya said...

Hi Javier, I just featured your site and one of your videos at, a site where I write about concession food, road trips and community festivals, etc. Your videos made me seriously crave some Mexican food (which is not that great where I live).