Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Radio Room at The Edison: Puro Pinche Pari No Mas!

puro pinche pari at radio room
Puro Pinche Pari No Mas Hombre: The Radio Room

I'm pretty sure you guys have noticed that I have been straight out lagging it with the blog lately, ok, to the max. Well, The Adverts (late British 77 Punk band) said it best...NO TIME TO BE 21!.

No excuses!

...Yes, Yes, I know but between school, revamping my site, that internship at NPR West (Word Commentaries, Youth Radio, Huffington Post Duties), and my Hopeless Romantic PURO PINCHE PARI ways--time has become of the valuable essence lately.

I post more regularly on NPR blog now (for you die hard Glutster heads out there...)

edison angel shot
The Speak Easy Feel of The Edison: Angel Shot

Amidst all this senseless partying, a couple of new drinking experiences have bubbled up. Like that of The Radio Room at The Edison in Downtown. Never in my days of drinking 40 oz. Cobras on buses with the homiez would I have expected to be sipping on Fresh Nutmeg laced Infante's Tequila mixed drinks...

josephs marguerita
Giuseppe Gonzales's Infante: Tequila, Lime, Orgeat, Fresh Nutmeg

I still have a lot to learn as I showed up to the first one in my Chuck Taylor's but Oh! How I live for the bouncer confrontations at food or wine events. I love seeing their face as they realize that this tall, lanky long haired Latino guy ACTUALLY IS on the list and YES, I AM TEENAGE EFFIN GLUTSTER.

In a nutshell, The Radio Room gathers four bartenders from around the U.S at a time and has them all behind a bar, rhythmically shaking and showing off as they pour two custom drinks that they create just for the event. It happens just above the month count and it is awesome.

edison guy on stilts
A Guy On Stilts: I'm Telling You, This Shizz Always Cracks

Ok, it gets uncomfortably packed during peak hours, with waits up to half an hour for a drink sometime. But, the 1920's prohibtion ambiance all but makes up for it. It used to be a steam room I hear, and they project your early film history essentials on almost every wall. And they always have a bad ass live band.

the edison ambiance
Ambiance: The 20's Were The Days

How freaking flattered I was to find out that Joseph Brooke, the Director of Spirits at The Edison, is apparently a HUGE fan of my blog!

Joseph Brooke
Joseph Brooke: Getting Crazy!

And he took care of me and my guest rather finely, introducing me to my first S.F standard, Tommy's Marguerita, an Agave-sweetened Marguerita. And sharing some of his favorite Mexican spirits with me.

Sombra De Oaxaca
Sombra: Smoky, Caramel Notes w/ an Elegant Burn

Tequila Ocho
Ocho Tequila: A Shot Here, A Shot There

Several drinks later, he absolutely swooped me off my feet with impromptu drink he ingeniously named the "Oaxaca Wacka-Wacka", a mixed drink of Mezcal, Hibiscus Liquor and other things lost in those brain cells I killed that night...

In my buzzed munchy induced flurry, I got a chance to talk Oysters with Christophe Happillon, went on for almost an hour actually. Talking about how different plankton affect the taste of each and he has a secure, sustainable and tasty source from this guy in Carlsbad. He shucks regularly at Joes in Venice every Friday night.

Christophe Happillon happy shot
Christophe Hapillon: In My Point Of View That Time Of Night

By the end of the night, I was feeling pretty damn good and satiated for the night, but as I was leaving I smelled my Lavender and I saw fire; two of my favorite things in life.

Zane Harris (Seattle) Flambe!
Zane Harris Of Seattle: Pyro Mixologist

Ok, one more drink to cap the night off I guess! Like a whiff of the first Lavender buds in season but...boozier!

I'm looking forward to coming here next time.

Ok...I'll put on some stupid dress shoes.

I hear they are opening up one in New York for all you East Coasters.

The Edison
108 W 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 613-0000


gourmetpigs said...

Man, those guys on stilts made me wish I had shown up on the Tuesday. But yeah Giuseppe's Infante was my fave. Plus he apparently used to be a Neurobiology PhD candidate, so he's like, hot nerd.

MPsy said...

I love the Edison and wish I could make it one of my normal bars but with the high price tag at most I go maybe once a month.

Unknown said...

nice one! was not expecting this! as far as i'm concerned, javier- you are, and will always be welcome at the edison for as long as i'm in charge of the program. and PS chucks will always look and feel better than douchebag shoes.

Snack-Girl said...

That looks like fun - your photos are amazing. Snack-girl

Admin said...