Friday, May 19, 2006

Am I Normal?

It was afterschool, Thursday, and i was starving.

At home i knew there were only your usual "leftovers" that were usually some enriched day old rice and some sort of dry chicken. When other teenagers would have settled for that, I remembered that i had some frozen tofu veggie patty that i bought from my savior, Trader Joes and since i had to go to practice, knew i could do something quick with that. As soon as i knew it, i found myself going to the market and buying some Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns and an Avocado to see what i could come up with when i got home. But that was not enough, i needed something else, some sort of starch to fill me up but i had been eating pretty shitty lately so knew that it wasn't going to be your traditional french fries. I pondered for a while, then i thought...about some "vegetable chips" that would do the job but without the heavyness. So i went to 7-11 where they surprisingly sell them and bought a bag. Of course i could not wait and had some on the way over.

On the way overthere, i was thinking of what i was going to do first and how i was going to do it. When i finally got home i took my backpack off, washed my hands and turned on the stove.

I layed the patty on the pan and attempted to remember the recipe for thousand island dressing that i once did from the The Joy Of Cooking. But with my suffering memory, i opted for some vegenaise, a little bit of mayonaise, some diced red onions, lemon juice and ketchup. Hey, i was starving so i didn't care.

But i needed more! so i sauteed a couple of onions until caramalized and a couple of sliced mushrooms. And voila! i give you Spexy's VeggieMuensterburger with homemade Thousand Island Dressing, Caramalized Onion and Mushrooms, Romaine Lettuce and Avocado on Whole Wheat Buns

Disgusting? Maybe for you. But for me? ...Heavenly.

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Anonymous said...

This has to be my favorite post, but i think you already knew that? Perhaps, the flows of having an idea and smaller, smaller, ones until your finished production. Even, after it was done i know you were thinking more smaller ones.