Friday, May 26, 2006

No time for anything!

This week has been so fucken hectic, too much work and responsibility!. So much shit has happened to me lately (stupid supposed "dogging" fights at school, drama) It's so different here in Alhambra than back at Garfield. It's so fucken hard!. I haven't had enough time for anything, just school, eat and practice, school, eat and practice. The only plus is probably that because of practice being right after school, i have been forced, yes forced to have a late lunner (lunch and dinner) right before i go. And I've actually been taking pictures too!. Really expensive specially requested sandwiches at Lovebird's or Baguette Du JourI'm such a fucken weirdo, spending all my money and going by myself to go eat at these places. And even ditching 6th period (RELAX Roy, it wasn't really important anyway) hopefully I'll get to tell you why pretty soon. It's not like anyone else cares, since I'm pretty sure no one except for my brother and quite possibly one or two other individuals that accidentally went on it have seen this stupid piece of shit. Why do i even continue this stupid blog?

Oh yeah, it's my way of "venting", i guess...

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