Sunday, August 20, 2006

Roses Are Red, Violet is...Blue.

Roses Are Red, Violet is…blue.

Still mesmerized by my experience at Orris, I certainly was looking forward to try out the much raved-about Violet that I have heard and read so much about. Both these places serve their food in Tapas style, having to order several small plates in order to experience more food and “more enjoy your dining experience”. Too bad they couldn’t live up to their hype. Sometimes I think reviewers take it a little bit too far with these type of things, I mean I love tomato as much as the next foodie but paying like 7 dollars for miniscule proportions of food such as the Japanese Tomato Salad which was literally just a sliced tomato with a little lemon and Whipped Goat Cheese? Like my dad says, “no mas es el lujo!”.

Normally, I wouldn’t of let such a small setback keep me from liking a place but no other thing seemed to really stand out, and we tried out several plates. I will admit that the Z’atar Spiced Fries or something like that were pretty addictingly good as far as fries go, chip like in texture, tiny crispy things with mixed in aromatic herbs that were also fried with them. The occasional little specks of grease here and there in the little half paper bag that they were actually served in could make you forget that they were actually fried. Any French fry Connoisseur should really give these a try. But sadly, that was about it.

The Daily Special Salad was OK. Today It happened to be some sort of Endive salad with a little bit of Caramelized onions, bacon bits, Avocado Slices and some sort of Goat Cheese. New concept for me, but was also just OK with no flavor really standing out.

The Lamb Meatballs were probably the most disappointing. Three little dry and overcooked spheres on a bed of White Corn, I’ve really been into lamb lately and know that lamb does NOT have to be that dry.

The cheesy Mushroom Ravioli were perfectly Al Dente and the browned butter added a nice nutty richness to them. But still, not enough to get me to change my mind.

After all these, I wasn’t expecting anything great for dessert neither. Of course, we tried out the Flourless Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Gelato which tasted like a whole chocolate cake somehow compressed into one little slice! Although 1/4 the size of any other slice of anything, the richness and chocolate level was only something a true chocolate FreaK(*cough, cough* ROY!) would really enjoy. It was even a little too much for me!

Too Bad…

Violet restaurant
3221 pico blvd
santa monica, CA. 90405

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