Friday, September 01, 2006

Mercury Binge in Baja

We actually did end up going on a "happy family vacation trip" in triple digit weather, no air conditioner and my grumpy old dad. just like the one's in Movies and on T.V. It was actually my first time too.

And you know what i found out? In the midst of all my obsessive gourmet fascination. I forgot my roots and how great, good and complicated good 'ol Mexican Food really is.

Oh, did i eat my way in this trip. Should i start with the 20+ tortilla chips with salsa, 2 tostadas de fresh ceviche, about 4 Camarones "Al Mojo De Ajo", and even this raw shrimp dish called "aguachile" served in a Molcajete, and the oh-so-good, "Pescado Sarandiado" with it's sweet, salty, smoky, tender taste(about 6 tacos), all washed down with 2 coronas WITH MY PARENTS 40-50 ft away from the water in Popotla or almost getting stung by a bee in a Dulceria in Tijuana eating "Camote Enmielado"(Sweet Potato braised in Honey).

I guess this family trip actually came out to a "happy family vacation" after all.

Note to self, don't ever eat in the Ensenada Black Market again, had nothing on the heavenly, light fish tacos on Whittier and could do without all of the bombarding fish taco mongers screaming and badgering you to eat in their taco huts.

Oh well, This is how you learn.

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