Thursday, November 02, 2006

Indo Kitchen: The Ultimate Test

Alright, i finally tried this place out. I would of gone earlier but i just hate going to school in Alhambra so much that i just want to get the hell out of there right after school. You would think that i would at least gone to all the places in the Great San Gabriel Valley huh?

Since we came out early, i figured i try it out. It was pretty empty with only some other guy in there. I knew that indonesian food was truly something different with extremely sharp flavors. I was scared. I didn't know what to expect. It had that notorious fish oil smell that also permeates in some of the other best Asian restaraurants (Golden Deli, Bale Bakery, Lee's Garden). After a while of looking at the menu, i decided on trying the 2 stars "Longtong Cap Goh Me" (steamed Rice Ptties topped with chicken curry, vegetables, chile egg and shrimp crackers) not too adventureous but not too common either.

I wish i didn't hear hear the sound of a microwave beeping several times but unfortunately, i did. Damn, was that a highkill. All of my anticipation died. After several minutes we finallly got our food. The curry was different, light. There was some thing in it that i could'nt tell what it was. It was white, cut into chunks almost meaty but lacked that fleshy richness, I've never had it before. I thought it might be some sort of vegetable, after a while i couldn't help it any more and just asked the waitress. "Jackfruit". Ohhh.....i said. The rice patties were cut up and served along with the curry as opposed to being "topped" by it. They weren't as chewy as the vietnamese style ones, you could actually taste the grainyness of the rice in these. They were very meager with the chicken too, with a little slab of a some undisclosed part of the chicken. It tasted old, along with the green beans. It was obvious this dish had been microwaved. It just didn't have that fresh taste that food has when it's barely made. It was good, but i kept on feeling bad that it could of tasted better.

My friend was brave enough to order the Avocado Shake. This was definetely something i can't get used to. Think sweet guacamole.

It was good but i know that the food here could be better, i just know it. I'll come back.

Indo Kitchen
5 N 4th St
Alhambra, CA
(626) 282-1676

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