Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tangy yogurt this, Guilt-Free That...


This seems to be the trend right now. I'll admit, afer reading everyone rave about it. I was dying to try it. I mean it had everything that i love: kind of health foodish but without sacrificing too much flavor.(no added sugar, coconut and Carob Chips available!!). Yesterday i couldn't take it no more and somehow convinced my dad to drive halfways around town for it! Since East Los doesn't seem to be "adequate" for a pinkberry location(eventhough their opening one just about everywhere else!!)

For almost 9:00 PM on a Monday, The K-Town Pinkberry looked more like some sort of club or party than a Frozen Yogurt Parlor. If you closed your eyes, the sound of the rambunctious techno beats and the chattering of young hipsters combined would make you think you were in some sort of rave.

I went in hopes of trying their green tea flavored yogurt but when i saw that they charged a dollar more, settled for the unappealing "plain". I'd rather get a medium with 3 toppings then a small green tea with none. They had some pretty good topping options. Of course i got coconut, carob chip and since i didn't really want nothing else, thought i should be getting some sort of "berry" so got blackberries.

But hey wait a minute, after a couple of spoonfulls, i noticed that the middle was completely hollow!!! They swirled it completely around and only made it seem like it was overflowing with everything and you got what you payed for! If it wasn't for the toppings, i would of been really dissapointed. The yogurt itself did have that "tangy" taste that everyone was talking about but i didn't think it was that great. Just think frozen yogurt, literally. I was done with it faster than a mexican kid eating a boli on a hot summer day! And once you finish this, all you want is more, more more! Even if you did get a large.

Boy, did they get me.
Think, the starbucks thing but with yogurt.

Someone out there is making lots and lots of money off this stuff

3300 W 6th St
Los Angeles,
CA 90020

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