Monday, March 05, 2007

Traditional Latino Flavors with A Contemporary Twist”? And in the 'hood?: Homegirl Cafe

Going out for Mexican Food is something that i usually frown upon, it kind of goes against the reason for me going out in the first place (to eat something different that i haven't been eating all my life) I know Mexican Cuisine is extremely diverse and don't get me wrong, i still love a Good Plate of Mole and find myself eating a bowl of Legumes with Tortillas as a Main Course often but...i don't know.

If you guys don't know, HomeBoy Ind. is a non-profit program for those who wanted something different than the usual "A foo, where you from?!" life. This was one of their projects, highering former "chola's" to be exposed to something different. It wasn't until recently that i decided to make it a goal to eat here after a friend told me about her Jalapeno Pesto Tofu Torta and her drink, some lemonade blended with Mint and Spinach that i concluded, this was no typical Mexican Place.

You can't miss it, a Huge colorful Mural in the front depicting the writers skills. Good, Alright, Gabachos were eating here, that told me something. I was kind of turned off by seeing a huge bag of Mission Tortiila Chips being emptied out into little half-cut sandwich bags, but quickly changed when i dunked the sad little chips into this plastic cup of chile that came with them. Some warm, creamy chipotle sauce sans any actual cream or dairy. A good start.

Like i said, i love a plate of Mole as much as the next "Mexican-American" so i decided to try their tofu-swapped version, claiming to be "a homeboy favorite". It was alright, lighter than my moms and neighbors deep, thick brew and toned way, way down-probably to suit unsuspecting Gabacho palettes. Not as good as my mom's but...heh. I don't know why almost all Mexican Restaurants tend those slightly warm, soggy "Guerrero" Tortillas though. The small caraffe filled with their House Dressing was pretty good though. Almost like pure orange juice and goes perfect with their Julienned Jicama, Mango and Pepita House Salad that it came with.

My dad's Panela Sandwich truly showcased their light, fresh approach to their food: Milky Panela Cheese, Romaine lettuce, Ripe Tomato, Crisp Jicama, and sweet Mango and some of that errant Jalapeno Pesto (Jalapeno, Pepitas, Cilantro?)

Don't be surprised if the Waitresses give you a little attitude though, they're just being friendly. And that free refill on that Green Potion will make you forget all about it.

Homegirl Cafe
1818 E. First Street
Los Angeles, CA 90033
(323) 268-9353
(323) 265-3595 fax

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H. C. said...

Great write-up, and yep Homegirls Cafe & Homeboys Industries is doing some great stuff in the 'hood!