Saturday, May 12, 2007

Green on The East Side: Fatty's & Co.

Organic conscious eateries have been a standard site anywhere West of Dowtown, dishing out food that even the most stubborn omnivore would enjoy. Especially with this recent "Go Green" Vogue that everyone has been advantageously following. But the East Side...that's a whole different story, still stuck with Iceberg-Lettuce Salads, GardenBurgers, Bean Burritos and your occasional Asian restaurant, that was about it. At least...this is what i thought.

Fatty's & Co. has everything a westside place would have with it's savory Strudel , a delicate phyllo pastry filled with meaty 'shrooms, lentils, pecans, macademias, and roasted garlic with a light creamy sauce. Millet, Barley, Soy Loafs with creamy spinach sauce, whipped purple potato dill Salad and maple and tarragon sauteed purple carrots and wax Beans?...still not enticed?. How about a warm steamy Vegan Fudgie? (meant for two), a MOIST vegan chocolate double bundt-cake with creamy chocolate ganache in between and crispy pecan and coconut flake crust that you'll finish all by yourself.

that fudgie...i think that's just what i needed. I mean, look at me...i'm actually writing about it!

It's about time Damnit...

Fatty's & Co.
323 254 8804
1627 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles
CA 90041

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annie said...

I was a vegetarian for 7 years once, I don't know if I could go vegan.