Monday, May 14, 2007

2 Mother's Day's, 2 Feast's: Cielito Lindo and Doughboys Bakery

Mother's Day, a day of love, appreciation, but most of This is in fact, one of the busiest day's for the foodservice industry finally giving mother's world wide a break. And since i'm Mexican, it's just not the usual May 13th Mother's Day, it's also the May 8th Dia De Las Madres. So twice the rational feasting!

1st Dia De Las Madres: Cielito Lindo Restaurant

It really is a shame you can't have everything in life. Where you'll have World Class, Grammy-Winning Music (Mariachi Sol De Mexico) reconstructing Mariachi harmonies and unison, you will also have dry, pasty beans, unusually red restaurant rice and a myriad of overcooked proteins. The $10 Guac. and Clove, spiked complimentary salsa will have to suffice. Go for the show, not the food.

Cielito Lindo
1612 Santa Anita Ave
South El Monte, CA
Phone: (626) 442-1254

2nd Mother's Day: Doughboys Bakery

Brunch, on the Westside, on a weekend morning really does showcase what L.A has gotten to be like: hundreds of hung-over, hued hipsters waiting eagerly for a table. This day, Doughboy's was an exception though, unlike Griddle's or Toasts infinite waits, Doughboy's was less than a quarter of that, and that was all 6 of us. Everything is baked on premises and they don't ever mess up on any of their cakes-griddle, pan, red velvet-they're all moist, tender and satisfying. Be it the healthier than thou' Blueberry-Flax-Multigrain Griddle Cakes or those noticeably tangy Buttermilk Pancakes.

Doughboys Bakery
8136 W. 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA
323 651-1844


Daily Gluttony said...

I totally hear ya on the overcrowded brunch thing. So over it. That's cool that you didn't have to wait long at Doughboy's though.

annie said...

I guess I need to get to Doughboy's at some point. Where is your favorite mexican food?

Anonymous said...

i don't know about glutster's favorite mex food, but tlapazola is good. it's at the intersection of barrington and gateway/ocean park.