Saturday, May 26, 2007

Senioritis maaaaybe affecting blog?

Well, I still find myself controlled by that nonplussed yet chaotic "phase" (hopefully) that i've been in lately... I thought I wanted to do this for a living but it's amazing how many "what if's" one can think of, seriously. If i do, where do i go to school? for What? When? How?....damn.

Just 2 weeks left, 2 weeks left until I'm out in the "real world".

Whatever I do, i seriously hope will make it.


Douglas Cress said...

exciting times, these are. If its any recompense, I'm six years older than you and I still don't know what I want to do with my life.

Anonymous said...

If you like to write, take english. Read authors whose work you like, Jonathon Gold, Hunter S. Thompson Hemingway, find out who wrote your favorite movies. I am 46 and still just going through a phase. I was 22 before I knew what I was going to major in. Take some general ed classes and take some fun classes and see what you enjoy. It is a great big wonderful world. Travel, by all means travel, even if it is going to Northern CA or New Mexico, get a digital camera and explore! Good luck in life and keep on living!

Anonymous said...

Give it a try, if you think you want to do it, why not. I know it's stressful figuring stuff out but it really seems like you have a passion for food. Like the other people say take writing classes if you can! or read books like, Will Write for Food: The Complete Guide to Writing Cookbooks, Restaurant Reviews, Articles, Memoir, Fiction and More
By Dianne Jacob. I haven't read it but I've seen it on other's bloggers recommended reads!