Monday, June 18, 2007

It's not you, It's Me: My Graduation Dinner at Ciudad

Like I said earlier, I just don't see the point of going out for Mexican Food, I mean, that's what I was raised on (and still am)but, when I go out...I want to try something different, you get me?

Based on their online menu and their ingredients, Ciudad looked pretty appetizing, of course disreguarding their $$$ prices: all seasonal, organic food, A Goat Milk Flan... sounded pretty different. And I did want to check it out eventually, but not for my actual graduation dinner; All 8 of us (little sister, nieces, and a nephew included)

The Flamenco band covering Police songs, the dim lighting, the loud Acoustics drowning/cancelling everyone out and the uncomfortable chairs hinting us to hurry up and leave-this was the type of place you came to chillax with someone else, not eat with your entire family.

The Baked Flatbreads was a grand start, kind of like savory Bunuelos. One studded with Poppy, Flax and Sesame seeds and the other scented with spices such as cumin and cayenne-both served with an olive tapenade and a hummus-y dip. But that, along with that unique Flan that called me here, was about all that really stood out.

The Flan was something else though, so rich, so creamy, so nutty-thanks to that ubiquitous goat milk with a good burnt flavor. And i usually can't stand Flan. But my $25 Colomo De Cabri entree, a Colombian dish of rum-steeped, curried mutton with Coconut Rice and Mashed Garlic Yuca sounded a lot better than it was. Think, a sweet type of Birria. The Coconut Rice was oddly rich though, probably due to the higher fat in it than butter. And I couldn't tell whether the Mashed Yuca was supposed to be pasty since it was my first time trying it. The other items ordered were not anything that great neither.

I did kind of exagerate on the degree of me wanting to come here though, so I brought it upon myself. I don't regret coming, but just wish it was not with so many people!

When it all boils down, it still has that "Mexican-esque" type of flavor for me, as stupid as that might sound. I did appreciate the complimentary slice of flan with the candle for me. Who am I kidding...environmentally conscious, organic food? I'm willing to come again, if the oppurtunity ever arises. After all, every restaurant has their day, or meal.

445 S. Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 486-5171
(213) 486-5172 fax

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