Monday, June 25, 2007

"They Actually Do That In Real Life?": Elf Cafe

Don't we all wish every restaurant experience could be like the ones in the movie's or T.V? You waiting for any tables, the stereotypical chef personally coming out with the dish offering you his creation as if he made it specially for you, murmuring "bon app├ętit!" Well maybe not all the time but once in a while would be great right?

Elf Cafe just might be that experience, but modernized and not as cheesy as I just made it sound.

You might miss it if you're walking too fast though, the spot wouldn't be able to host your birthday party since the maximum occupancy is probably 14-16 iffff that much. But they do make some decent eats. The menu is Middle Eastern, strictly vegetarian with only organic, sustainable and locally grown products of course. But the food truly stands out from the rest of the crowd.

An ambrosial Moroccan Tagine served with some of that piquant, pungeant Harissa Paste and thousands of al dente cous-cous granules nearly serenating me with it's aroma and flavor, integrated with summery squashes, eggplants, carrots and some more of those irresistable cinammon dusted almonds that are in every table. I think their 4 varieties Baked tarts are the specialty though, that along with their RAW Middle Eastern Platter. Another adventure for another day as I always say....

I actually feel some hospitality here.

Elf Cafe
2135 Sunset Blvd.
Echo Park, CA
(213) 484 6829
Wednesday-Sunday 6PM-11PM
(just thought you should know)

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Erin S. said...

Yum. I love Elf Cafe--both for its cozy friendliness and the spicy middle eastern/morrocan food. Glad you liked it.