Saturday, July 21, 2007

Maybe in L.A : No Prices, No Menu's...What Would You Do? (One World Cafe; S.L.C)

No menu's, No price's, All seasonable organic specials...Are You Going To produce good karma (Pay what your meal was actually worth?) or bad karma(...cheapskate)? If you really can't afford it, they have daily complimentary Brown Rice and Daal so there's no excuse either.

That seems to be the concept at One World Cafe in Salt Lake City, Utah. And since people are still honest to themselves over here, they have actually done pretty good since their birth in 2003.

And the Food? Well, something like what your vegan or vegetarian friend would make if they invited you over. On the day that I happened to be there: this chilled Herbed Apricot Soup, a Vegetable Tilapia Soup, this vegan Spicy Barbecue Pasta Salad, this Raw Broccoli and Coconut Coriander Slaw, Chilled Balsamic Herbed Brown Rice, Vegetables Stir-Fryed with Coconut, Cheddar Mashed New Potatos and 2 types of wraps; vegan Pesto Vegetable and a Mango Tilapia.

And Dessert? A chewy Everything Cookie studded with seeds, nuts, dried fruit, homemade bread pudding and a this moist vegan cake with an Apricot Glaze.

And I ate everything so...

With this new consciousness that people have been realizing lately in L.A... A place like this might actually make it there too.(Hint, Hint)

One World Everybody Eats
41 South 300 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

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