Friday, July 20, 2007

Never in L.A: “Pie On the House” at Idaho Joe’s

How often do you hear that anywhere in L.A? Did I add for the whole table?

I somehow find myself in spud country, Burley to be exact, and somewhere along the ever-growing chain of chains from L.A to almost anywhere now (Arby’s, T.G.I.Friday’s, Applebee’s, repeat) I finally decide on one of the few surviving local family owned places and decide to risk it, to try to have one of those food network-like magnificent meals that can only be found in those places, you know…the one’s that make you ask yourself: “they get paid for doing that”? Or at least for my food writing sake.

Disappointingly, the baked potatoes aren’t any different from the Dry Russet’s we have back in L.A. So today, I wanted to try something else, and what else than a good ‘ol American Pie right? For some reason, every time I find myself hankering for the creamy comfort that only a Chicken Pot Pie can offer…they always run out. Be it Nichol’s in Marina Del Rey or Marie Callendar’s (hey, it was a long time ago!) The last steaming pie had just been carried right next to me to some other diner that had just ordered it. And today….was no exception.

But I guess the waitress saw my buttery, flaky derived depression and actually offered us complimentary pie for the 4 of as a condolence. And when the bill came, there was no charge for my opted overcooked typical diner Salmon entrée either. That was a first.

I didn’t let that cloud my judgment though. Yeah, the Salmon was dryer than all the desert's we had passed but the fresh-cut fries were the best I’ve had anywhere. Every single one-crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside-staying like that, even when they were cold, and they were steak fries, The Indian Fry Bread also referred to as a Navajo Taco when served with chili and the like was another local specialty. A scone like pastry, which I think was flash fried, then baked for quite some time. It had that donut-like consistency but a llittle flakier, without any of that excess greasyness.

Oh…and they were out of my Boysenberry Pie that I had my heart set on for dessert, either, only had some other version. But even to that, the waitress got a piece of the one that was on display and gave it to me, along with that other one! I'm telling you...

I’m still lamenting over that chicken pot pie though…oh well, one day.

Idaho Joe's
598 Blue Lakes Blvd
Twin Falls, ID
Tel: (208) 734-9403
(you never know)

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