Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mr. Gold Gets Grilled...

and extremely well done might I add.

As ardous as "What song would you describe Black Goat Stewas?" or as doltishly cliched as the "Where can you get a really good steak in L.A at?" Our hometown hero answered all. (Oh, and Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jar I think were his answers)

I was one of the early few who managed to actually get into "An Evening with Jonathan Gold" held by Zocalo at the Central Library last night. And lucky I truly was since from what I heard about half the people that had reservations didn't get in.

I wonder why the majority of the crowd were old ladies though.

Is this really the L.A foodie scene?


rantsnravesnreviews said...

Well, how was it!!!

ipsedixit said...

Indeed, how was the tete-a-tete?

BoLA said...

Nice! Yeah, I attended an event at the Central Library a little while back too... and noticed I was on the younger end of the audience spectrum as well. But then again, I love leafing through pages of books too. ;)

John said...

His 99 places to eat always gets me hungry... thanks for coming in to the sushi bar last weekend, I appreciate all of the good things you had to say about my restaurant and I made sure to send Sam, my head chef, your compliments.