Sunday, July 15, 2007

Surviving in the Inland Wastelands of San Berdü (San Bernardino) [Updated: Best Sushi of my Life]

"Bring my own lunch?"... "usually just eat at Juan Pollo?"

These were only some of the dissapointing suggestions found from the Elite known as "Chowhounders". I knew the Inland Empire wasn't great gastronomically but to rather pack a tepid, soggy sandwich rather than exploring new virgin land for a new place? I knew there had to be something out in this blistering, unsullied territory, there just had to.

And after a couple of hours of driving around, me and my dad finally found it, along with another little interesting establishment.

Miyagi Sushi...I'll admit I was kind of skeptical if not terrified at first, Sushi? Out Here? Titled after one of the most stereotypical asian names thanks to the infamous Karate Kid Series? But to my relief, it was indeed fresh and not excessively fishy at all. They do a $17 dollar all you can eat special running all day with "NO BREAKS" meaning those annoying in-between lunch and dinner hours that most restaurants close at.

All I have to say is Damn...this is probably the best sushi experience I've ever had, one of those rare "oh my god" moments. Providentially enough, the artist that happened to be serving us was the head chef. And I guess after denying some sort of "cRazY" unauthentic rolls he offered to try to fill us up with, he noticed my awarenes. My first "omasakase"?...not quite but it was something special. I ordered some traditional sushi beforehand until he finally decided to take control though.

(DAMNIT! Blogger deleted the rest of this post!, urgh!...and it was one of those know...the brilliant ones that you can't believe you composed after you look at them? [Don't know if you you guy's read my first edition] Well...I guess i'll just wait until my next time on this place...I really need to get my own site.

Miyagi Sushi
228 E Base Line St
San Bernardino, CA
Phone: (909) 889-3929


rantsnravesnreviews said...

I have some friends who live in that direction who would love to find the place. Is it actually in Berdu, or just in the County. Address please :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going there for lunch today for the first time with friends who have been there and like it. It is in SB, on Baseline, near Waterman. I just found their web site (with no active links on it- sorry, no menu there yet).