Monday, September 03, 2007

AH-JA-JAY CHIQUITITO, 100% ZACATECANO!!!!: Birrieria Chalio

My dad...well, let's just say he's from another time, yeah. Born and raised in the urban and suburban archaic provinces of Zacatecas, Mexico, eating whatever without reallly paying any attention to it. For him, food is just food, no matter what, where or how. And as you can imagine we've had our fair share of fights, arguments and endless disputes because of that. I still don't know how my "passion" for food even got a chance to ember.

Birria Estilo Zacatecas...could I finally bring my dad some joy by maybe, just maybe...showing him that talking, thinking and writing about food is much more que un "capricho" (a whim)?

And for the first time...ever, in my life...I made him happy! "Just like back home" were his exact words. The gamy mutton meat tamed by moist Maguey leaves and the right spices. Baked in ovens to deny the lean meat from toughening up and allow the juices to drip off into the chile-based decoction. Ridiculously Strapping CORN tortillas almost as big as big as the flour tortillas used for standard lonchera Burritos. And most importantly of all...a plate filled to the brim with that soft, fragile stewy meat with no fillers in sight (rice and beans).

AH-JA-JAY CHIQUITITO, 100% ZACATECANO CABRON!!!!! (sorry, ate a little too much of their house made Habanero salsa)

Birrieria Chalio
(323) 268-5349
East Los Angeles
3580 E 1st St
Los Angeles, CA 90063

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