Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In the Midst of Chaos (and still making every meal count!)

Everyone always associates college with an excuse to eat corporate mush, but I beg to differ. Just because you go to college does NOT mean you have to eat the same old food, every single day or not eat at all. In my refusal to be a creature of habit, I strive to stay somewhat adventurous throught my burden: preparing breakfast's the nights before, getting up illogically early to be packing rather gourmet sandwiches, and going out as much as I can humanly afford. If anyone does read this, please accept my apology for the lack of maintenance lately.

Anyways, here a couple of new places that i've sacrificed for in trying:

1) Soul Vegetarian
Strips of tender Pot Roast smothered in a dark savory gravy, crispy crab cakes that are still soft on the inside and--of course-- served with all the fixings; buttery, golden cornbread with a dallop of butter all to smear it with, mashed sweet potatoes spicy enough to catch your attention, creamy coleslaw and an even creamier mac & cheese. All vegan! Yes, even that Pineapple Upside Down Cake!
(thanks Brent)

Soul Vegetarian
4067 W. Pico Blvd (corner of Norton)
Los Angeles CA
(323) 734-4037

2) Shaab Restaurant
By far, the best value in pasadena you can get, seriously. Japanese shabu-shabu, perfected. Be itSeafood (Salmon, Squid, Clams, Mussels) or Beef, whatever you fancy, with plenty of veggies and a duet of noodles (udon and glass) and 8-10 little bowlfuls of that wondrous spicy miso broth (make sure to ask for it) for under $10! It's hard to believe it's actually in Old Town Pasadena where just next to door you would pay 4 times as much for a similar meal. Thank You Shaab, thank you.

Shaab Restaurant
77 N. Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91003

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