Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Humanese and Made with 100% Certified Love

Sure, all those Raw-Vegan places in L.A claim to make their food with "100% Real Love". And I have had my infatuation's with Julianno's, Rawvolution, Leaf Cuisine and their animate delectables but more than often, that good energy is stinted thanks to that stereotypical "snobbiness" that still somewhat prevails in being "vegan" or "from West L.A". Luckily though, I found just the place where there the food's wholeness leaves you in some sort of nutritious-created euphoria and the the raw chef himself does a better job waiting tables than the actual waiters.

As soon as you step in you know you're not in L.A anymore, the words "Love" tiled on the floor and the dark, cool ambiance consoling you from a world full of stress, smog and anxiety. When you're seated, you're handed two menus: one with the vietnamese and chinese inspired cooked creations with things like Fish Clay Hot Pot Sensation and Sauteed Soy Kidneys with Basil and the other with the Raw ones, where even the dish names arouse you with names like I Love You and Imagine.

And it just isn't the usual Collard Wraps, dehydrated fruit, veggie nuggets and nutmeat thing. No, no, no there are wondrous things: Risotto's, with chewy cultured aquatic grass seeds and more sea veggies that you even knew were edible, Hot And Sour Soups brimming with tender coconut meat. And for dessert, there are astonishing things: Durianaddict smoothies with the intense, acquired taste of tropical Durian somewhere between a mango and pineapple that lingers in your mouth in the same essence that raw garlic does. But the Choconut X-Tasy was really an act of affection: a frozen raw chocolate and coconut ice cream pie doused with chocolate syrup that makes Spanish Fly look even more like a gimmick than it already is.

Be sure to show your appreciation to the curt waterboy, as he is the masterful creator of the gastronomic love you just experienced, he won't be afraid to show you his.

Namaste Chef Ito, Namaste...

Au Lac
16563 Brookhurst Street
Fountain Valley, California


Anonymous said...

wow...i dont know what to say...i've been craving a really good 100% vegan MEAL (not snack) lately. im tired of larabars. restaurant pots and pans just arent clean enough! i want to go but fountain valley is sooo far!

Michelle said...

Au Lac is my absolutely favorite restaurant!! (we go there at least once a week). Be sure to try the "salad song", it is the most fabulous of all salads. They also have an incredible dessert (scotch on the rocks) which is to die for. Happy eating!!