Monday, December 31, 2007

2007-2008: The "Good" Years

"These [teenage] years are the best years of your life!"

...yeah, right.

2007 was...well, If it wasn't for food, obsessively anticipating my next meal and lamentably savoring my last...damn.

Anyways, I wish--to the few of you that actually were able to stomach through my manic thoughts--a better new year, at least better than mine...


Foodeater said...

Good riddance to 2007... and here's to a much better 2008!

Fruta/A Day Without A Record said...

haha spex?
it took me a while to figure out it was you.
And oh whaat, i gotta check out that collection sometime. I don't know if you got mine but 7155821.

Max Million said...

Uh, the teen years are NOT the best years of your life!

While I believe the best years of your life *are the ones you are currently enjoying*, (which, in your case, kinda negates my first sentence - please bear with me) I would not be a teenager again if you paid me big bux.