Sunday, December 09, 2007

Two Rounds of 17 Artisan Chocolate Tastings Later: The Day of Chocolate Judgement at the Los Angeles Chocolate Salon

Thy Day of Chocolate Judgement had come, and thousands (literally) of calories later, I am still alive to tell the tale. After many day's of anticipation, painful day's filled with chocolate sobriety and caloric rationing...thy day had finally come

I have found a new respect for thy human body, I shall never underestimate it again. I never knew it could withstand so much chocolaty-driven debauchery, I am left absolutely awestruck.

Today...I truly lived up to thy name Teenage Glutster. r (glutster: derived from the word gluttony.

Bear all, the mercy of thy Chocolate Commandments which has been blessed upon me. (For the first time in my life, I actually got recognized; thanks to all those who gave me 'special treatment' and those who put me on the 'press list')

Yum: Virgin, Raw, Ecuadorian Chocolate Goo, truly made from the heart. Made with hexane-free coconut butter and sweetened with Blue Agave, in enlightened flavors like Turkish Spice, Bombay Curry & Tibetan Goji Berries (just try to decipher all the maca-infused spices) and last but not least, Japanese Wasabi-Pearl (made with Grade A Matcha powder and REAL Wasabi). Like the label says, "taste and see the lord is good", Exec. Chef & Owner Koina has spoken, and she is on a mission.

Amano Artisan Chocolate: Sincerely dedicated about bringing forth some of the best-tasting chocolate available, with its "floral essences, rustic smokiness, and raspberry finishes", and paying annual visits to their cacao suppliers in Venezuela, such dedication is not gone unreturned.

L' Artisan du Chocolat: : "Utmost quality in the ingredients and lightly sweetened", the most velvety, crafted chocolates in the strictest french etiquette.

The Tea Room: Tea-infused 100% organic chocolate, winning an award in the San Francisco extension. Bedouins Fear(Peppermint, Nana-mint Orange Peel and Ginger) filled truffles and Green Earl Grey(a dark truffle, 58% cocoa, infused with a green tea with Bergamot).

Malibu Toffee: Locally made, good 'ol, almond-based, buttery, crunchy toffee.


H. C. said...

Ha! I thought that was you ~ and at the Whole Foods later that day.

Alas, I kept a low-key profile at the event, though I was invited too by their PR folks and actually ate until I got sick of 'em!

teenage glutster said...
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Yum! said...

You truly have a gift with words. You must pursue your dream!

pleasurepalate said...

Hey, I think I was standing right beside you while you were sampling that chocolate-curry sauce. I kept on thinking you looked kind of familiar, but couldn't remember where to place you. :)