Monday, December 03, 2007

Just Good for The Soul: Soul Vegetarian

Just Good For The Soul

A Pot Roast with all the fixins'--Corn Bread, Coleslaw, Collard Greens, Candied Yams, Mac & Cheese--sounds comforting right? How about knowing that its all kosher, vegan and organic?

Yup, that pot roast swiftly becomes a Vegan Roast, baked tender and served with its own dark, full-flavored juices and anything else you’re fancying: their creamy, colorful version of Coleslaw, and an even creamier translation of Mac & Cheese, some spicy, sweet agave-sweetened Candied Yams…even some good ‘ol Black Eyed Peas. And man, I’ll tell you something about that Corn Bread, its the stuff that makes you swoon and immediately want to order more (at least I did), seriously, straight out of the oven, steaming, gold and crisp on the outside, soft and fragile on the inside, and of course, with a dollop of soy butter all to smear it with.

You wouldn’t expect of such a place looking from the outside, but once you walk in, past the green façade, the cool, jazzy tones…it suddenly feels different, like some sort of restaurant induced loungy feeling. And your intuition is right, on Wednesday nights they host just that, becoming into a Global Soul Café.

They also serve breakfast with the usual stacks, grits and biscuits, but of course, made with love. There’s even a Bean Curd Salad for lunch.

Soul Vegetarian serves food for a cause, to rightfully regenerate our bleary bodies while respecting all forms of life no matter what. And with food as pleasing as this, I don’t think the food will be the only thing doing the pleasing anymore.

Soul Vegetarian
4067 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca

And also on Hollywood Farmers Market every Sunday. (Sunset and Ivar, 8AM-1PM)


pleasurepalate said...

This place sounds tasty. I've been wanting to try it ever since I saw it on tv. By the way, if you've ever wanted to check out vegetarian/vegan Filipino food, try Papillion in El Segundo.

To Live and Eat in L.A. said...

The folks at the farmers market are from Taste of Life, not Soul Vegetarian (though I think they are in someway related). Equally delicious!

To Live and Eat in L.A. said...

(in reply to your post at my blog)

Really? I asked the guy from Taste of Life when I was last at the farmers market if they were the same and he told me no, but that there was a relation between them. Perhaps he didn’t understand my question? Either way, they both rule! I just pigged out on the mac & cheeze and potroast this weekend, can't get enough of the stuff :)

Oh, and thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!