Monday, November 26, 2007

Beeeeep...Experiencing Personal Difficulties

Don't know what has been wrong with me lately. Call it "Youth Anxiety", "Coming-of-Aging" or just "taking my Philosophy class to seriously"...I'm definetely going through something.

I don't know anything about myself anymore, why do I even blog? Does it even matter? What should I eat? Sometimes thinking about food drains all the energy out of me because I can't "discover myself". Meat or no meat? Care about quality of food or not care? 100% raw, organic vegan or young, wreckless slopsucker? Ugh!%!%#@$!*!!! It drives me crazy!

Well, at least I found a little grounding. In my quest--being at the new mega Whole Foods half the time buying pricy raw food because of my neurotic mind--I ran into the owner of Leaf Cuisine
, Mr. Rod Rotondi. Leaf Cuisine is a restaurant that serves affordable 100% raw, vegan GREAT TASTING FOOD, nothing coming close to "cardboard", and also has some pre-made stuff available at some markets. Collard Green Wraps (raw ultra-green burritos, so you can get a picture) with unexpected pungent, spicy flavors startling you as you chew, an energizing Kickin' Kale Salad because of its potent alkalinity. He even has his take on Lasagna, brownies...all the usual comforts.

"[Food] is not a religion, it's not something that should make you feel bad"

... thanks Rod.

Oh, and kudos to that guy from Foodology as well, their stuff also deserves an honorable mention if you have want sweetly savory raw taquitos, ravioli, burgers, dolmas, tostadas...just about anything. Also, thank you to that Tea girl if you ever get around to reading this .


Anonymous said...

and photos?

Cathie said...

Teenage Glutster,

I just have to let you know that I have been reading some of your blog today - smiling all the way (remember? Dr. W and I viewed it today!). Your quote of Rod re: religion had me laugh out out ;o) and here I am in the office with no one to share it with! As someone who takes my own religion very seriously, I think your "column" is divine! You have a true gift ;o)...


oodlesofnoodles said...

Hi, I just wanted to let you know, that Foodology is a woman owned-business. Leslie Labowitz-Starus stated the company (originally Sproutime) as a performance art piece in 1980. Thanks for the compliment.
Nicole from Foodology

hjk said...

Dear Mr. C. (I hope I am not revealing too much by calling you that)

I finally got around to checking out your blog. It is a very fascinating and entertaining site.

And, your passion for food... Well, who couldn't share that? (Think of some that your philosophy class covered).

And, don't be so angst filled (then, again, that is part of your coming of age).... A little ironic, no? Your passion for cusine (one of the true marks of a sybarite, yet being angst filled? just a joke).

Don't take what Prof. K had to read/said too seriously.... After all, he also eats. :)

Be well, and it was a pleasure having you in class.