Sunday, November 11, 2007

Missing "The Point": Culver City

Is it weird if you say the exact same thing that Mr. L.A Food Guru himself said about a place...even before you read this week's Weekly?

Well, I somehow made my way into The Point to help me out in deciding whether I really want to do this for a living (see if my intuition would match with Mr. Gold's himeself) And what happened? Well, it was a hybrid of TenderGreens and The Counter(just how i stipulated) but where you could pay $10 for a great Salad, freshly pulled from the ground or even a couple more to get your naughty way's with a burger, who would want to come here?

The greens are fresh, but not as fresh as the former salad slingers. And if you stay within their price guidelines ($7.50 for 3 additional ingredients not counting any protein; tuna, chicken, tofu=$2.50-3.25) you end up with a pretty lame salad that leaves you thinking "I could of done this at home". If you decide to "get crazy" as I did (still slap myself for getting Manchego and Seared Tuna at the same time, but I was starving!) you'll end up paying $14-$15!

And for the reputation of the chef, is it too much to ask for some sort of flair to differentiate? Maybe some marinated veggies here and there or good quality ___________ Farms produce? My supporting companion--the only reason this blog is still alive--slashed of the little Carrot checkbox and all he got were these woody, irregularly sliced orange slabs that were barely edible. The Tuna was good though, almost as soft as it's Sashimi counterparts. But that was about it, the Manchego chesse dangerously looked like the pre-grated Kraft stuff, and it was missing that profound nutiness that could only be acquired from sheep's milk, I don't knooowwwww.....

I just don't get "The Point"

The Point
8522 National Blvd
Culver City, CA
ph: 310.836.8400

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