Monday, April 14, 2008

Just Another Lazy Sunday: Pleasure Palate Dim Sum and a Stickly Sweet Songkran

Sundays used to be one of my favorite days of the week...back when my brother was here, it was the only day I knew for sure I was going to eat out. But lately, it's just been another looooooooooong, boring, day. Yesterday was different though...

I somehow made it to the Seafood Village in Rowland Heights, taking only streets, on my Vespa, at 9:30 AM. I'm so glad I made the trek though, I finally met other people like me! Well, maybe not as obsessesed or my age, but close enough. And what happens when you put together 8 foodies on a table? ...........TOTAL FOOD DEGUSTATION! Two, even three orders of almost half the menu! Well not really, but we did get A LOT of food (Dim Sum menu's are epic) with enough left overs for myself to have another complete Dim Sum Fest in my house the next morning (using some frozen Durian, Whole Wheat steam bread, Taro and some scallions I had laying around)

Anyways, the Pan Fried Radish Cakes and Water Chestnut Cakes seemed to be the stars, or at least one of the most adored dishes by everyone. Both brown and crispy on the edges, creamy, no, more like this super-light creamy/starchy texture that wasn't as heavy. The Radish cakes--of course--embedded with little, tiny bits and shreds of pork belly, like any other ones i've had so add that difference of porky, fatty richness that almost everyone loves(and is o.k to eat every once in a while). The water chestnut ones--technicolored yellow and all--had a flavor profile just as deep as their eye-stunning hue, filled with julienned strips of crisp water chestnuts. Their was a lot more stuff: Chewy Chive-Leek Dumplings, Translucent Pea Leaf Dumplings, limp Shrimp Rice Cake Rolls, steamed fish cakes wrapped with cabbage, Mustard Greens with the fish caramel known as Oyster Sauce, Water Spinach with this fallic-liquid like Fermented Tofu Sauce...and these were just the one's I chose to sample...

That night, when I got home from everything, with my dad just snapping at me for no reason (he can't stand my presence when I eat Southeast Asian or Middle Eastern Food, and since I was at the Songkran Festival in Hollywood later on, and returned this candy-sweet Green Papaya Salad and got this custom-made, จริง (authentic) one with lots of fish sauce and garlic)

I, was a good day.

Seafood Village
1463 Nogales St
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 913-2338

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sofia said...

21 Choices is hiring you should apply. it's seasonal so it's not like a big commitment or anything. i think i might apply (wouldn't it be ironic? a vegan scooping dairy all day...) anyway, it kind of sounds fun to me. no i lie, i just want free kombucha from their fridge :)