Monday, April 07, 2008

'Theo' Chocolate Taste Test and a Ride Plea for the S.F Chocolate Salon This Saturday

Another benefit of that hitchhiked retreat was meeting so many nice, diverse people, something my annoyingly introverted self really needs, I had no idea though...

When I got home from school one day--ravished as usual--there was an actual package for me waiting for me. Yup, stuffed, addressed to me, with MY NAME on it. And the contents? Five artisan chocolate bars from Theo chocolates, this company in Seattle who were the first importers of organic, fair trade beans in North America. (thank you Marjorie for providing much-needed sponsoring for my blog!!!)

Ohhh excuse for eating chocolate, I love it when this happens...

Here is my palates take on them:
(Region and Cocoa Content)

Venezuela 91% : Direly robust and earthy, "wine-y", wave after intense wave of bitter assault on the back part of the tongue and finally a faint sweetness to cool you down. (my favorite)

Ghana 84%: Mellow, light, with a creamyness that lingers through out the mouth.

Ivory Coast 75% (single origin) : "Muddy" a short, compact hit of flavor as if the molecules in the chocolate fit perfectly with each other resulting in a more direct result (as opposed to multi-sourced "lightness" or delay)

Ghana Panama Ecuador : Coffee with faint undertones of fennel, chocolate taste kind of underdeveloped.

Madagascar 65%: Fruity, tropical with vanilla base carrying it through out.

UGH!@#$ I would consider this a "preview" of the chocolate gluttony to come at The San Francisco International Chocolate Salon but I have no ride there, if anyone is reading this and is going, or knows anyone that is...can you help a starving student food blogger out? (almost sounds like an oxymoron)

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Anonymous said...

yum i wish i can go with you grrr im a chocolate freak!